Play the Crisis Spring Raffle

The Crisis Spring Raffle is now closed.

Thank you to everyone who took part in our Spring raffle and for playing your part in helping to end homelessness. 

The winners are announced below:

First prize:

Mr R Davies, Wolverhampton won £7,500


Second prize:

Mr H Grubb, London won £1,000


Third prize:

Mr H Kerr, London won £500


Fourth prize winners:

Mr R James, Mrs S Godwin, Mr M Napier, Miss A Cameron, Mrs B Cox


Fifth prize winners:

Miss N Goulea, Mrs M Wilson, Mr C Gerrard, Ms J Limon, Mr G Kreit, Mrs S Langlands, Mrs R Washington, Miss B Jorgensen, Mr D Andrew, Mr J Pulsford


The Crisis Summer Raffle is now open.

Play the Crisis Summer Raffle