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Stefan moved to the UK from Bulgaria when he was 15, because his father couldn’t accept him being gay. He lived with his aunty, until she lost her job in the pandemic and they were forced to sleep rough for months.

Then he found Crisis.

“I was moved into a hotel and Crisis helped me access benefits and open a bank account for customers with no fixed abode. Crisis helped me find a job in a cafe. I am enjoying learning lots of new things. Now that I am working, I am hoping the council will find me a permanent place to live."

Stefan's story

Every Crisis building block reflects the typical costs of types of support we offer and, although your donation will not only be spent on those examples of work, it will be used to fund Health & Wellbeing, Education, Employment and Housing services for people experiencing homelessness.

By giving someone the right support at the right time, Crisis helps people take ownership of their lives again.
Matt Downie, Crisis Chief Executive