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Mike had to choose between eating, heating or paying rent

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When his benefits dropped and Mike couldn’t afford the rent, it nearly drove him over the edge

“I tried to sort it out with the job centre but it was so difficult and I didn’t know where to turn. I eventually found somewhere I could just afford, but then changes in the law meant my benefits dropped, and they weren’t even close to covering the cost of a room to rent. My housing coach at Crisis changed everything, and I still get help with my mental wellbeing now. I would have eventually become homeless and I dread to think how I would have coped with it. I am now volunteering in the café at Crisis and it is my ambition to become a pastry chef”. Mike

Your help can stop someone from becoming homeless

Thanks to our generous supporters, Crisis coaches work with people across the country who are at risk of losing their home. We provide support with finances and debt, help people keep their home, find employment and improve their wellbeing and mental health. We also see patterns where failures in the system are causing homelessness and campaign to make changes that will stop someone becoming homeless in the first place.  

No one should have to choose between eating, heating or paying the rent. Your support could help someone like Mike from facing the devastation of homelessness. Please donate today and help more people like Mike.


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