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A Million Hands: Our Partnership with the Scouts

In 2019, Crisis was one of 6 partners chosen by Scouts to help develop a programme of activities that would enable Scouts to make a significant change in their communities. From 2019-2022 Crisis and Scouts will work together on the theme of ending homelessness by:

  • Learning about homelessness, it’s causes and solutions
  • Engaging communities in conversations for change to pass on what Scouts have learned
  • Researching homelessness and the support available in their own community
  • Asking MPs and councils to take action on Scouts’ and Crisis research, holding their own campaigns and organising action days in their communities to raise awareness, build support and help to end homelessness sooner

We are honoured to have been chosen as a partner by Scouts, and are excited by what this partnership will achieve. These inspiring and active young people will help governments and communities see that homelessness can be ended, and we can end it together.

If you're a Scout or Scout leader, or are just interested in finding out more, you can see all the activities Scouts can choose from to complete their Community Impact Badge on the Scout's website here.