Crisis launches new series of policy seminars: Ending Homelessness Together

We are excited to launch a new series of policy seminars that will bring people together to develop the solutions that are needed to end homelessness in Britain. The Ending Homelessness Together seminars will provide opportunities throughout the year to hear from people with lived experience of homelessness and policy experts on the key issues that must be tackled to end homelessness for good across England, Scotland and Wales.

The Ending Homelessness Together seminars will bring experts from a range of sectors together to focus in on some of the major barriers that are making it harder to prevent and end homelessness. This will include people with lived experience of homelessness, experts from abroad who have experience of tackling similar issues in their own countries and people from across Britain with the knowledge and experience needed to help overcome the challenges that stand in the way of ending homelessness.

The first of our Ending Homelessness Together seminars - Ending homelessness for EU nationals living in the UK: What needs to change? - will take place in London on Tuesday 26 November 2019. Find out more and register your place.

Significant gaps in the data that is collected and published means we don’t know exactly how many EU nationals are homeless in Britain. But we know from our own services that EU nationals face additional barriers to finding a safe and stable home and this pushes many people into homelessness. In 2018/19, 38% of people sleeping rough in London were EEA nationals (this means they were either from another country within the EU, or Iceland, Liechtenstein or Norway).

At this first event we’ll be sharing the findings of new Crisis research that looked at the different experiences of homelessness that migrants face across Britain and sought to understand what makes it harder to prevent and end homelessness for people in this situation. Many of the participants in the research identified Brexit and the implications of this for EU nationals as their biggest concern for the future so this will be the main focus of the discussion.

We’re bringing together a panel of experts to share their experience of working with EU nationals who are homeless or at risk of becoming homeless. As well as a chance to ask questions of the panel and find out more about Crisis’ new research, there will also be opportunities to talk about what changes are needed to make sure that no one in the UK is at greater risk of becoming homeless because of their immigration status.

Find out more and register your place for the first Ending Homelessness Together event.