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Crisis responds to roll-out of Universal Credit

18.10.2017 2160 XX

Matthew Downie, Director of Policy and External Affairs at Crisis said: “Universal Credit is a much needed way of simplifying our complicated benefits system, but we can’t ignore the significant complications its roll-out is having. 

"Far too many people are experiencing delays in their payments, meaning they can’t pay their rents. At best, landlords will start to see recipients of Universal Credit as ‘risky tenants’. At worst, this could result in people losing their homes, and with homelessness on the rise, that’s a road we just can’t afford to go down. New stats show that only 2 in 10 landlords would rent to tenants on Universal Credit.

“We need to make sure – whether the system is rolled out or delayed – that the most vulnerable tenants are properly supported. That’s why we’re calling on the Government to fund Help to Rent projects and establish a national rent deposit guarantee scheme this Autumn Budget to help renters secure a tenancy and maintain their payments, and give landlords the peace of mind they need.”