Crisis responds to Scottish Government’s announcement that HARSAG recommendations are accepted

Today the Housing Minister, Kevin Stewart MSP, has announced that the Scottish Government will be accepting recommendations by the Homelessness and Rough Sleeping Action Group (HARSAG) in principle.

Crisis strongly welcomes this announcement. Last month, the Housing Minister asked Crisis’ chief executive, Jon Sparkes, to reconvene HARSAG. The group was tasked with recommending a way forward to move on from the emergency response to the pandemic in a way that accelerates the ending of homelessness in Scotland. Today its ambitious 105 recommendations have been accepted in principle.

Responding to today’s announcement that the recommendations have been accepted in principle, Jon Sparkes, chief executive of Crisis and chair of HARSAG, said:

“It’s fantastic news that the Scottish Government has accepted HARSAG’s recommendations. The action taken over the past few months has shown that rough sleeping is not inevitable, and it has undoubtedly saved lives. By accepting these recommendations, the Scottish Government has sent out a clear message that people affected by homelessness matter. Now is the time to be bold and show that we can end homelessness when the political will is there. 

“Scotland’s commitment to ending homelessness is well renowned across the globe, and today’s announcement is further proof. We must use this momentum and make sure that anyone experiencing homelessness, regardless of their immigration status, is supported to find somewhere safe and settled to live and rebuild their lives.

“Crisis is committed to supporting the Scottish Government, local authorities and others as we work towards delivering on HARSAG’s recommendations. Together we can, and will, end homelessness in Scotland.”