Crisis responds to the Conservative manifesto

Today, the Conservative Party launched its manifesto for the General Election which included plans to tackle rough sleeping by the end of the next parliament, as well as expand programmes such as Housing First.

Responding to the manifesto Jon Sparkes, Crisis Chief Executive, said: “It’s deeply disappointing to see the Conservative manifesto fall short of the mark when it comes to ending homelessness, in all its forms, once and for all.

“While the pledges to end rough sleeping by the end of the next parliament and expand crucial programmes such as Housing First are welcome, it’s very troubling to see no firm commitments to invest in housing benefit so it truly covers the cost of people’s rents, or any firm targets in place to build the social homes our country is crying out for.

“Making sure that everyone has a safe and secure home benefits us all. That’s why it’s essential that whoever forms the next government must put in place a plan that tackles all forms of homelessness, alongside the investment needed, if we are to live in a society where no one is forced to sleep on our streets or spend years on end trapped in unsuitable hostels and B&Bs.”