Crisis responds to Welsh Parliament committee inquiry into inequality and the coronavirus

Commenting on today’s Welsh Parliament Equality, Local Government and Communities Committee inquiry report into inequality and the coronavirus pandemic, Jon Sparkes, the Chief Executive of homelessness charity Crisis, said:

“We welcome the cross-party committee’s recommendation that the Welsh Government should lobby the Westminster Government to change UK rules on housing support. Too many people have been stopped from getting the help they need to build a life in the UK because they have ‘no recourse to public funds’ status.

“The emergency action to lift these rules during the coronavirus outbreak has saved lives and prevented destitution, ensuring people have shelter during this public health crisis. As services start planning to help people from emergency accommodation into safe and secure homes, we need to make sure everyone can get the basic support they need.

“Crisis is calling on the Westminster Government to continue these emergency measures for another 12 months across the UK. With so many people already experiencing homelessness, and the economic pressure of the pandemic sure to push many more to the brink, now is the time for us to do all we can to end homelessness for good for everyone.”