Record levels of people threatened with homelessness due to no fault evictions – Crisis responds 

New government figures released today show that between January – March 2022 6,400 households across England were at risk of homelessness due to being served a no-fault eviction. This is a 26% increase on the same period before the pandemic. It is the highest number of people seeking help for this reason since data collection began in 2018.  
Last month the government published its Renters Reform White Paper on the forthcoming Renters Reform Bill, which will set out the long-awaited changes it wants to make to the private rented sector. With the cost of living crisis set to intensify over the coming months and record levels of no-fault evictions and the end of a shorthold tenancy pushing people into homelessness, Crisis is warning that the Renters Reform Bill cannot come soon enough and is urging the new Prime Minister to prioritise introducing this so that renters aren’t faced with the financial turmoil of trying to find a new home. 

The government statistics also show: 

  • There were 74,230 families and individuals who were homeless and eligible for help, this is 11% more than the previous quarter and the highest number of households seen since Jan-March 2020, when the pandemic began. To put this in context, this is higher than the entire population of Harrogate.
  •   18,210 were seeking help because of the end of an Assured Shorthold Tenancy (AST), the highest number seen since this kind of data collection began. The end of an AST continues to be the second most common reason why households are facing homelessness.  
  • 10,290 households were threatened with homelessness because their landlord wanted to sell or re-let the property. This is the highest number seeking help for this reason since this kind of data collection began.  
  • 10,560 households seeking help were in full-time work – again, this is the highest number of full-time working households seen since this kind of data collection began.

Matt Downie, Crisis Chief Executive, said: “It is deeply concerning that thousands are being forced from their homes and must now face an anxious battle to find somewhere new to live, all at a time when rents are going through the roof and people’s budgets are being squeezed to breaking point.   
“Through our services we know just how tough it is for renters right now as the cost of living crisis wreaks havoc on their lives. More and more, we’re seeing people being asked to stump up months of rent just to secure a property, while others are being pushed into debt because their housing benefit doesn’t cover what they need to keep a roof over their head. 
“How much more hardship are we going to let people endure? It’s crucial that whoever becomes our new Prime Minister in the next month prioritises introducing the Renters Reform Bill, so we can finally protect people from the trauma and turmoil that comes from being turfed from your home at a moment’s notice.”