Build a care package for someone facing homelessness

Cess Rebolledo, Senior Digital Marketing Officer

How to create a care package for someone facing homelessness this Christmas 

Crisis works at Christmas and all year round to support people across Britain to rebuild their lives away from homelessness.  

Our Christmas services work alongside the specialist support we provide all year, which includes helping people to find their own stable home, to access education and training.  

If you’d like to get involved in helping people facing homelessness this Christmas and beyond – you can fundraise, volunteer, donate a gift and even build a care package for Crisis.  


Building a care package this Christmas for someone experiencing homelessness

You can build a care package for someone experiencing homelessness this Christmas by filling a virtual stocking. 

By filling a virtual Christmas Stocking, you’ll be helping provide someone facing homelessness with the items they need based on their individual needs and situation.  

Here’s a list of the gifts you can add to a care package/ virtual stocking: 

  • Warm essentials  
  • Toiletries
  • Clothing kit
  • Entertainment
  • Mobile phone top up
  • Bedding set 


How the virtual Christmas stocking works 

  1. Create a virtual stocking – fill it with your mix of gifts  

  2. Customise your stocking – choose to donate another amount per item and we’ll make sure it goes to where the need is the greatest

  3. Appreciate the good deed you’ve done – we'll send you an email to say thank you and you’ll have the option to print a certificate for children to proudly display their virtual stocking donation 

Create your virtual stocking now


Buying items for people facing homelessness 

There's also the option of buying singular items such as helping to pay for someone’s warm welcome at Crisis, travel costs, home essentials and more. 

You can buy a virtual Christmas gift that matters and helps someone start a life beyond homelessness today.

Find out more about virtual gifts


Other ways to help this Christmas

There are lots of other ways to support Crisis and help people build a life beyond homelessness this Christmas - such as donating, volunteering and fundraising.




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