What is Crisis at Christmas?

What is Crisis at Christmas?

Crisis at Christmas is a campaign we run that helps us provide warm meals, shelter, support and companionship at Christmas to those experiencing homelessness. More than that, the impact of Crisis at Christmas lasts long after Christmas as guests are introduced to Crisis’ year-round training, education and support to leave homelessness behind for good. 


What will Crisis at Christmas 2021 involve?

With the help of generous supporters and volunteers, we will open centres over the festive week. Supported by more than 3,500 volunteers each working together to provide companionship, support and a wide range of vital services, each centre delivers a safe, warm and friendly place over Christmas for many people experiencing homelessness. 

You can check out last year’s Christmas Report to see the incredible impact the support of people just like you had over Christmas 2020.  


Where are the Crisis at Christmas Centres?

This year, we plan to open four Day Centres in London which will be open from Christmas Eve until the 28th December. Guests will be able to access the Day Centres between 11am and 5pm each day. 


What about Crisis at Christmas in other regions of Great Britain?

We are still committed to ensuring our members are not homeless and alone this Christmas.  

As such, we will be delivering hot food, ensuring that our members have access to advice and guidance, providing a befriending service, and online health, wellbeing and entertainment activities. This will enable us to continue to offer support and connection in a socially distanced way and will also provide some new volunteering opportunities across the regions of Great Britain.    


Will Crisis at Christmas be different in 2021 because of the pandemic?

In 2020, we had to radically review and redesign the Christmas offer to respond to the impact of the coronavirus pandemic.  

For two weeks we accommodated around 475 guests in hotel rooms around London. Our guests told us that they benefited from more privacy and a space, albeit temporary, they could call their own. 

We have learnt a lot through our review and evaluation of last Christmas and as a result, we are making some changes to how we run our project in 2021. This has been led by feedback from our guests and we hope that this will bring the best benefits of both 2020 and previous Christmases to our guests. 


How can I support Crisis at Christmas?

There are many ways you can support Crisis at Christmas - you can donate, volunteer, or fundraise.


If you have any additional questions leave your details and we will get back to you