Swansea Bond Board (The Wallich)Private Rented Sector Access Project

Project summary

Swansea Bond Board assists homeless and vulnerably housed people to access private rented accommodation. Assistance and guidance is given and where appropriate, we provide a guarantee bond certificate in lieu of a cash bond.

There is also a flexible PRS Tenancy Support service available to support tenants living in PRS accommodation.


Who is eligible?

Check with the PRS Access team to find out eligibilty criteria.

Client services
  • Tenancy support service
  • Bond Guarantees


How are referrals made

Check with the PRS Access team to find out eligibility criteria.


Landlord services
  • Bond guarantee
Other information

Organisation: The Wallich

Type of organisation: Registered Charity

Last updated: 29/07/2020 16:49

Local Authority: Swansea

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