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Members Help Make the London Borough of Culture Trophies!

Throughout January, our members, staff and volunteers have been taking part in workshops to make beautiful ceramic flowers.

This is because our ceramics tutor, Agata, has won the Lord Mayor’s Trophy commission to design and make three different trophies which will be presented to the next London Boroughs of Culture between 2025 and 2027.

This is an amazing achievement and a wonderful opportunity for members to get involved with something special.

Agata has been busy finishing and then firing the trophies and they were presented to the new London Boroughs for Culture (Harringay and Wandsworth) at an events ceremony at the beginning of March.

You can take a look at the finished pieces and learn more about the inspiration behind the trophies in this short video.


Video of Agata's Trophies

colourful porceline trophies in kiln with flowers onfloral trophies