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A life in limbo

Through our A Life In Limbo campaign, Crisis supporters are calling on the Scottish Government to amend The Homeless Persons (Unsuitable Accommodation) (Scotland) Order 2014 to ensure all people experiencing homelessness aren’t stuck living in unsuitable hostels, B&Bs or lodging houses for more than seven days.

In 21st century Scotland, everybody should have a safe, secure, warm and stable place to call home. 

But right now, too many people in Scotland are living in limbo, stuck in emergency accommodation.

Our latest research report ‘I won’t last long in here - experiences of unsuitable temporary accommodation in Scotland’ demonstrates that long stays in unsuitable temporary accommodation with nowhere to wash clothes or cook, and strict curfews at night, damages people’s mental health and job prospects. If, like us, you think this is unacceptable- Take Action Now!

Thanks to Crisis campaigners like you, in July, the Scottish Government agreed in principle to limit stays in unsuitable emergency accommodation to seven days for all homeless people.

But people living in limbo can’t wait. The government needs to make their commitment a legislative reality in this parliamentary year. Every day stuck in limbo is a day too long.

With your support, together we can make this happen. To keep updated on the campaign, sign up to be a Crisis campaigner.


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As the publication of the Scottish Government’s new Action Plan for Ending Homelessness Together...


The Scottish Government must act quickly to move homeless people on from unsuitable temporary accommodation (UTA) as new research shows the detrimental impact it can have on lives.