A life in limbo

A Life In Limbo is calling on the Scottish Government to make sure homeless people aren’t stuck living in unsuitable hostels, B&Bs or lodging houses.

Too many homeless people in Scotland are living in limbo, stuck in emergency accommodation.

Long stays with nowhere to wash clothes or cook, and strict curfews at night can damage people’s mental health and job prospects.

We're calling for the time limit of seven days to be extended to all homeless people, so that no-one gets stuck living like this.


What's the problem?

Emergency accommodation for homeless people is supposed to be temporary.

A lack of basics like a fridge, cooker and washing machine, on top of strict curfews and isolation from friends and family, is no way to live.

But we know that many people get stuck in this kind of unsuitable accommodation for as long as two years. Lengthy stays in B&Bs, unsupported hostels and lodging houses are destructive, demoralising and stop people from moving on from homelessness.

In October 2017, the Scottish Government further restricted the legal time limits on unsuitable temporary accommodation from 14 to seven days for families and pregnant women. There are no time limits at all for other groups.

We're calling for the new protections to be extended to all homeless people.



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