A Safe Home

The APPG for Ending Homelessness' campaign for a safe home for anyone fleeing domestic abuse.

The All-Party Parliamentary Group for Ending Homelessness has been campaigning to ensure people fleeing domestic abuse have a safe home.    

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No-one should become homeless because of fleeing domestic abuse. It's only right that anybody facing domestic abuse should be able to go to their council and be offered a safe, permanent home.

But right now, not everyone in this situation is guaranteed a safe home from their council.

Danielle experienced years of abuse from a violent partner. But when she went to her council, she was told they couldn’t help her to find a home. Left with no other option Danielle ended up sofa surfing.

With no guarantee of a safe home, many people in Danielle’s situation have no option but to return to a dangerous situation, or face the devastating impact of homelessness, with nowhere to rebuild their lives.

The Domestic Abuse Bill is our chance to prevent people in this situation from becoming homeless. 

Crisis has been working with the All-Party Parliamentary Group on Ending Homelessness to make sure that anybody in Danielle’s situation can access a safe home through their council.

Thanks to the powerful voice of campaigners, we have won!


The Government has announced that it will amend the Domestic Abuse Bill so that anyone made homeless a result of domestic abuse will have a legal right to housing.

This is a landmark moment for survivors of domestic abuse. This change will prevent thousands from becoming homeless and undoubtedly save lives. 

Together, we can make sure nobody becomes homeless because they have had to flee domestic abuse.

Currently the Bill is passing through the House of Lords before it can become law. Make sure you're signed up as a campaigner to hear about the progress of this Bill and our other campaigns.



Petagaye's story

'My husband and I split up in 2014 after he was arrested for beating me up badly. I was only working part time and had nowhere to stay at the time other than sofa surfing with a friend or sometimes with my mum.

I’m seeing friends in similar abusive relationships, and I’m scared for them.'

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