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Cover the Cost

Everybody should have a stable home they can afford.

A properly funded safety net should be there for people who need help to keep their home, like after redundancy or illness, or when stuck in low-paying jobs.

People are being forced to make impossible choices between paying for food and bills or covering the rent. When the pressure becomes too much, they can lose their homes. Often councils are left to pick up the pieces, spending millions of pounds on homelessness services.

Local Housing Allowance rates - also known as housing benefit - were created to help people pay their rent until they get back on their feet. But repeated cuts to the rates over the years now mean that in most of the country, people who need this support are struggling to afford a home.

Losing a private tenancy is one of the most common reasons people become homeless. One major reason behind this is Local Housing Allowance not keeping up with the cost of rent.

Until there are enough social homes for those that need them, Local Housing Allowance must cover the cost of rent. If we don’t act now, thousands more people will become homeless.

Government has a chance to change this by investing in Local Housing Allowance in the upcoming Spending Review so it becomes a better safety net to prevent and end homelessness.

Crisis’ Cover the Cost campaign is calling on Government to invest back into Local Housing Allowance rates and prevent more people from losing their home, saving money in the long run.

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We need your help to demonstrate public support to politicians that this should be a top priority in the upcoming Spending Review.

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Is this the hardest game of ‘Would You Rather’?

Now is our chance to call on Government to stop more people becoming homeless by ensuring Local Housing Allowance will #CoverTheCost of rents.

Add your support now to help prevent homelessness.

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