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Bensons for Beds and Crisis work together to end homelessness

This month we’re celebrating our partnership with bed retailer Bensons for Beds.

The partnership began December 2022 when Bensons for Beds decided to Stand with Crisis and support people facing homelessness by joining our Financial Times Christmas campaign.

Due to our shared alignment of mission and values, the partnership felt like a natural match from the beginning. This year, together Crisis and Bensons will work towards the goal of providing everyone with a good night's sleep by utilising Bensons’ large network and presence across the country to engage customers and employees with Crisis work to end homelessness.

Bensons is currently running their “Simply by Bensons” mattress sales in support of Crisis by donating £5 for every mattress sold from December until April.


We know just how important it is for people to get a good night’s sleep, and that starts with having a safe place to stay and a bed to rest in. Everyone at Bensons is proud to be supporting Crisis and the fantastic work they do to help people who are at risk of or experiencing homelessness. - Lisa Richards, Head of Marketing.

Bensons for Beds are raising awareness and funds for Crisis in their 163 shops across the country to engage customers and members of the public to learn more about Crisis work.

The retailer will also sponsor Crisis’ flagship event the “Icebreaker challenge”, where Crisis supporters will face the cold by taking on cold water swims, icy showers and ice bucket challenges in order to raise funds for Crisis at Christmas during the winter months.

We are excited to work with Bensons for Beds and look forward to exploring more opportunities together. Thank you for choosing to stand with people facing homelessness.