A huge thank you to our corporate partners for their continued support of Crisis during the coronavirus outbreak in response to our new campaign, In This Together.

We have had generous support from new partners QBE, Marsh, PDT Partners, the Vertex Foundation and Diamond Holdings Limited, as well as continued support with additional funding for the emergency campaign from long-term supporters MFS International, and the Artemis Foundation, who have supported Crisis at Christmas in London and Edinburgh for many years. GSK, who have partnered with Crisis for 25 years, have also generously contributed towards the campaign and hope to donate some supplies and hygiene essentials for emergency packages, to be distributed across the UK.

Support from both new and existing partners enables Crisis to help the thousands of people hit especially hard by the outbreak, and allows us to adapt the way we work to meet the immediate needs of our members and keep our services running. Donations could fund emergency phones and data so that we can carry on helping people remotely and stay in contact with anyone who's in isolation, or the emergency packages that we have been distributing people who have been sleeping rough and those in temporary accommodation.

As part of the campaign, Crisis has also established an emergency grants fund to support local organisations across the UK who provide services to people experiencing homelessness. Due to high demand and thanks to the hugely generous response of our supporters and partners, we have increased our emergency grants scheme fund from £250,000 to £1 million, which will help support registered charities in need of financial assistance to cope with the impact of the coronavirus outbreak.

How can your business get involved?

  • Donate to the campaign: Help us provide vital services to those who are most vulnerable at this time, whether that’s through our direct services or collaboration with the wider homelessness sector, by donating to the campaign here.
  • Provide gift-in-kind support: We are seeking gift-in-kind donations such as household goods or mobile phones so we can stay in contact with our members in isolation. Please get in touch if you would like to support us and see our 'wish-list' of needed items.
  • Share the campaign: Please do share this campaign with your networks, colleagues and friends so we can reach as many people as possible. If you’re able to share the campaign more widely through any media or advertising channels you may have access to, please get in touch with us at corporatepartnerships@crisis.org.uk.
  • Volunteering your time: Due to the recent government announcement, this is an area we are currently reviewing and developing and will be sharing updates on volunteering opportunities when these are available. 
  • Get in touch: If you would like to support Crisis’ efforts during this time as a business and would like to discuss other ways of doing so, we’d love to hear from you. Email us at corporatepartnerships@crisis.org.uk.

We remain committed to being there for those who are hit hardest by this outbreak, and we can only do this together, so thank you. It's an unprecedented and testing time for us all, and the kindness and generosity of all of our supporters continues to inspire us here at Crisis.