A huge thank you to one of our corporate partners Smart Pension for their continued support of Crisis and for some truly innovative fundraising for the In This Together campaign. Smart Pension became a partner in 2019 and have already taken part in some crazy challenges to fundraise for Crisis, such as the Tough Mudder obstacle course and mud run.

Working from home hasn’t stopped the team from thinking creatively about how they could continue to fundraise to support Crisis to protect homeless people through the outbreak. Dessy Chongarova, user researcher and yoga instructor, volunteered to teach a virtual yoga class yesterday and those attending were asked to make a donation to Crisis.

The event was a welcome break from working from home with children and pets joining in too, as you can see from the photo below!

Smart Pension are now looking to run this class on a weekly basis on a different day/time each week so everyone has the chance to join in.

We’re so grateful for their support and passion to end homelessness. Thanks to Dessy and all involved!

If you are a company looking to get fundraising for our In This Together campaign, get in touch today at corporatepartnerships@crisis.org.uk