Please act now to help people out of homelessness

Bobby's story

When Bobby unexpectedly lost his job, he ended up on the streets. Thanks to your donations, Crisis helped him access the benefits and housing he needed. Now he’s in his own home, full of hope again.

“After I lost my job as a chef, I was pounding the streets and sleeping on night buses. I remember somebody said, ‘you should give these people a call’.

“My coach helped me to apply for Universal Credit. He also helped me liaise with the council, got me temporary accommodation and then got me into a studio flat.

“I had lost hope and faith and now I feel like I have got that back. My coach deserves a medal. The world does not have enough people like him in it.”

This story reflects a real person's experience, but their photo and name have been changed to protect their identity.


How your support helps people out of homelessness


We offer new members initial needs assessments where we can talk through their situation and make a plan together. People often need help with everything from claiming benefits they're entitled to, building their confidence and independence, to taking a qualification that could help them find work.


Through group sessions and one-to-one therapy with clinical psychologists, your support helps members improve their mental and physical wellbeing. We work particularly closely with people experiencing complex mental health problems too, helping them get specialist help and accommodation as urgently as possible.


Members can access a vast array of courses and qualifications online – helping them take another critical step forwards. We also cover vocational skills, including retail and hospitality traineeships in our shops.


Across our services, we're seeing more people facing homelessness after losing their job during the pandemic. We're supporting people to find work, with specialist teams who connect people with employers, as well as help with CVs and interview practice.


We're giving people the support they need to move into permanent homes; we’re advocating for access to proper and affordable homes, providing expert advice on members’ benefits, negotiating with landlords, and providing financial support to cover deposits to help people secure accommodation.



A message from Grant Campbell, Director of Client Services

Everyone should have a secure home. And your support, both throughout the pandemic and beyond, has done so much to help people out of homelessness. But this year, the cost of living crisis means it’s too easy for someone who is already on the brink to lose their home.

During the pandemic, having a secure home was deemed crucial. But one by one, the Government’s protections have gone, and people are suffering, full of fear and they don’t know where to turn.  

We stand side by side with people affected and will continue to advocate for proper and affordable homes, provide financial support and expert advice on benefits, and work closely with food banks across all our services. We will also continue to put pressure on the Government to take urgent action to redress the devastating and unequal impacts of the cost of living crisis.

The cost of living crisis is hard for us all, but for people at the sharp end of poverty, it’s devastating. With your help, we can each play our part in helping people through these tough times and out of homelessness.