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Everybody In

Together, we know we can end homelessness. But we need Everybody In to make it happen. Are you in?

We’ve teamed up with a host of celebrities including Tom Hardy, Emma Thompson, Ellie Goulding, Jodie Whittaker and Richard Gere to call for an end to homelessness in Great Britain. 

The poem ‘If Everybody Is In’ by Stefan, Crisis’ Poet in Residence aka Neanderthal Bard, calls for an end to homelessness for good. 

Watch this powerful film with 20 celebrities reading the poem alongside Stefan and two Crisis members.

We've produced the film in support of our Everybody In campaign, which is calling on politicians to commit to ending homelessness once and for all.

We all deserve a safe, stable place to live. But we’re not protecting this basic human need for 236,000 people across Great Britain. It doesn’t need to be this way. Other parts of the world are taking huge strides towards ending homelessness, and we can do the same here.

Ending homelessness doesn’t mean that no-one will ever lose their home again, but that everyone facing homelessness gets the help they need quickly. It means making sure we all have a place to live, and together doing everything we can to stop people from losing their homes in the first place. 

We know we can end homelessness once and for all. We’ve published a plan showing the solutions that can end homelessness in Wales, Scotland and England. But we need Everybody In to make it happen. Celebrities including Tom Hardy, Emma Thompson, Ellie Goulding, Jodie Whittaker and Richard Gere are in - are you?

This World Homeless Day, let’s show the world that it’s time to end homelessness for good.

Stand against homelessness by joining our Everybody In campaign.

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Our storyteller George is out there every day speaking to real people about their experiences of homelessness. Read and share these stories below. Let’s get the conversation started and change opinions.

'From growing up on a council estate I was suddenly a director of one of the biggest post-production companies in London... It was a good thing, but on reflection it was way too early. I was probably doing a job that I should have been doing in my fifties, as I am now, rather than in my late twenties. I was also earning way over £100,000 a year, but I was too immature, and I didn’t know how to deal with the responsibility.... We had a beautiful rural house in Kent with land, a second investment property, two cars, two motorbikes and a speedboat. I thought money was easy come, easy go... Then the bottle started to creep in, and I was on the slippery slope downhill. Gradually I started to lose all sense of control and normality, but it took a long time, because I had the money to keep doing it.'

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'There’s a lot going on for me now. It’s amazing. I’ve gone from that drunk, nobody wanted to know, to having my life back on track. People who know me can’t believe it. Have we got the right Adel? They ask. They can’t believe how much I’ve changed. But I wanted to change my life around. I got fed up of being on the streets. I got fed up of it all. There’s only so much of it you can take. I took years of it, and I’m not taking it anymore. It’s time for me now. I’ve wasted most of my life. It’s time to live it now.'

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'I was homeless off and on when I first came to Wales, but then I met a girl nine years ago and we got married. We had a beautiful son, and I went back to college and got a nursing degree. I loved my job so much. I was working for seven and half years in end of life and dementia care. I looked after my mum when I was younger, so I had some personal experience but nothing else. I just loved it. Working with people, often in the last couple of weeks they had left. Giving them hope and something to hold onto. I miss nursing terribly. I miss a lot of things terribly.'

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