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Croydon Stands Tall - the tallest art trail in town



Three brightly coloured giraffe sculptures with Croydon Stands Tall logo


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Crisis is proud to be the charity partner for Croydon Stands Tall, a spectacular public art trail and exhibition in collaboration with Wild in Art.

The 10 week art trail is part of the Croydon’s London Borough of Culture programme 2023 and will raise money for the Crisis Skylight centre in Croydon. The trail took place between 21 August - 27 October 2023. 

Located in the heart of the borough, the Crisis centre offers vital help with housing, jobs, health and wellbeing to people experiencing homelessness.

More than 30 giant giraffe sculptures, decorated by local artists and communities, appeared across Croydon town centre for visitors to explore and enjoy.

In addition to the main Croydon Stands Tall trail, local schools and youth groups and the Croydon Skylight were invited to create their own herd of baby giraffes which were displayed in the Croydon Skylight windows, and across some of Croydon’s civic centres, libraries and stores.

The herd are now looking for their forever homes. The auction takes place on Wednesday 22 November at Fairfield Halls. Online bidders are also welcome. 

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Meet our giraffe

Standing tall outside our Crisis centre on Bridge Street in Croydon you will find our very own Crisis giraffe.

Members at the Crisis centre in Croydon chose from a number of designs submitted by local artist. The chosen artist for our Crisis giraffe was Aasiri Wickremage and her beautiful and vibrant design.  

Our giraffe has been given the name Acacia Georgie, chosen by Aasiri’s daughter and a supporter of Crisis. 

We are so proud to have Acacia Georgie right outside our centre. Why not come and see her and the other giraffes on the trail?! 




Zak's story

Zak is a big supporter of the Crisis Croydon Skylight and has been involved in fundraising for them since he was four! 

"I fundraise for Crisis because when I was four, I started thinking about homeless people, and tried to put myself in their shoes. It's not right that some people don't have a home, just think of when you're having a nice toasty night in bed, and homeless people have to deal with the rain and cold. I wanted to help people who don't have their own home.  Fundraising feels so good, we get to raise some money from our family and friends and feel good about ourselves for doing it! Why don't you give fundraising a try?" 


Photograph of Zack smiling


Getting involved with Crisis UK

By fundraising for Crisis as part of Croydon Stands Tall you will be directly supporting the Crisis Skylight in Croydon. Located in the heart of the borough, the skylight offers vital support with housing, jobs, health, and wellbeing to help people leave homelessness behind for good. 

Propose the ultimate bake-off or host an afternoon tea with friends or family. Choose from your favourite bakes, build the tallest cake (after all, giraffes are the tallest mammal in the world!) or create your best giraffe cupcakes. 

Giraffes are peaceful animals – channel your inner giraffe and hold a sponsored silence to raise vital funds for those experiencing homelessness in Croydon. 

No two giraffes have the same pattern – why not create some artwork as unique as these amazing animals and hold an exhibition to showcase your giraffe creations. Sell tickets at the door and host a raffle to help raise funds.  

Choose a film to show in your school and charge people to come along. You can even sell snacks and drinks to boost your fundraising total! Why not make it an all-nighter and take part in Stay Awake?  

Organise a collection or, if you’re already fundraising, why not add a collection to boost your total? Make sure you read our legal guidance on holding a collection.  

Do something amazing for Crisis and the environment and invite friends, family or colleagues to a pre-loved sale. Invite people to bring items to donate and swap, with sales going to Crisis. 

Whether it's on a specific topic or a classic pub quiz - bringing people together for a quiz is a great way to raise awareness and funds. 

Hold a dress up day in support of Crisis – you could dress in the giraffe colours of yellow and brown, create the best fancy dress or go full safari themed. You could even get creative as a class and make some giraffe masks or safari binoculars with recycled materials to go with the outfits.

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For support with your fundraising please get in touch with the herd: