DIY Crisis Icebreaker

What is the DIY Icebreaker Challenge?

The DIY Icebreaker is a virtual take on our live Crisis Icebreaker events. If you can't join us at one of the venues in London or Bicester, you can take on the challenge from your own home, or wherever you like! Do it your way. 


If you think you can face the freeze, here are some ideas to get you started:

  • commit to a month of cold showers
  • dig out that paddling pool you bought during the heatwave, and take an icy plunge 
  • get your household together for a cold water fight in the garden
  • brave a dip in the sea, if national or local restrictions allow at the time
  • check out these health benefits of cold water, and see where your imagination takes you!

How your fundraising helps:

Homelessness is devastating for a person’s mental and physical health. And winter can be the most dangerous time of year.

You can help end homelessness by getting sponsored to take on the DIY Icebreaker, your way.

Your £10 registration fee provides someone with a warm welcome to Crisis and helps them take the first steps out of homelessness. 

Once you receive your email confirmation, as part of your registration we will provide you with:

  • A Crisis swimming cap to wear with pride during your challenge
  • Exciting updates about your challenge
  • Fundraising tips
  • Opportunities to enter competitions
  • Updates on the Icebreaker grand total
  • And inspiring stories about how your money helps

Please remember to read our cold water and safety tips, and FAQs before you register. 

 *Please ensure that you check your local government coronavirus guidelines before taking part in your challenge. If you are unsure how you can take part in the Icebreaker during certain restrictions, please email swim@crisis.org.uk and we would be happy to discuss any ideas or doubts you may have.