Foodies Festival - 241 tickets for remaining dates

Discount Code: FOODIES241

Get 2-4-1 tickets to remaining dates at FOODIES FESTIVAL – the biggest gourmet food, drink and music festival in the UK. 

Oxford - South Parks - 28 - 30 August

Bristol - The Downs -10 - 12 September

Bournemouth - Kings Park - 17-19 September 

Brighton - Preston Park - 24-26 September 

Chelmsford - Hylands Park - 1-3 October

Over 200 exhibitors will show off their produce, providing festival-goers with a fantastic opportunity to sample the best local products and try a huge selection of delicious food from around the world.

Visit the website and enter the code FOODIES241 to get 2 tickets for the price of 1 exclusively for Crisis supporters!