Thank you to S.P.A studios for supporting Crisis

 We are delighted to announce a new partnership with S.P.A studios who will be supporting Crisis by donating 1% of their annual revenue. They have also created an option for customers to donate £1, £2, or £5 each time they make a purchase. Based in London and Berli, S.P.A studios is a sustainable-design company which seeks to dress conscious consumers in the highest-quality oversized basics, utilising slow-fashion fundamentals.

We asked Simon, leading the eco-conscious project, what he hopes to achieve with this partnership:

"Regarding our goals, we just want to enable people to be able to make a donation and support your amazing cause if they can. There's not really to much more to it than that. It just means that if some people think £35 for the quality of t-shirt that we produce is too cheap, they can pay up a bit but instead of that money going to us it in fact helps to fight homelessness in the UK."

Thank you very much to Simon, and the whole team at S.P.A, for supporting Crisis to help end homelessness for good. 

Find out more: https://www.spa-studios.com/charity