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Thank you to DRYBONES for their generous donations

A huge thank you to DRYBONES for donating their stunning waterproof coats for all of our Icebreaker relay winners. 

With so many Icebreaker events taking place across the country, this level of generosity is truly astounding. DRYBONES have pledged to donate a coat for each relay race winner in London, that's 8 beautiful coats to be gifted to our brave (and fastest) swimmers! They will also be donating coats to our regional Icebreakers in Scotland, Bicester and Wales.

Our first Icebreaker kicked off this Saturday 2 December at the Brockwell Lido. With the pool temperature at 5 degrees, our swimmers needed an incentive to keep going, and DRYBONES provided just that! 

The relay team, '6 degrees' were the winning team, and are delighted to be receiving the first set of coats to keep them warm this winter. 

The Crisis Icebreaker has raised £15,406 so far to help end homelessness, and by donating these wonderful gifts, DRYBONES is helping contribute to this growing total.

They will also be donating a large number of coats to our Crisis at Christmas day centres and hotels to support our guests at risk or currently experiencing homelessness. 

Thank you DRYBONES for your amazing support❤️