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Thank you to Phizz for your support

We're excited to be working with Phizz, who are kindly donating products to our fundraising events. 

Read more about them below:

Using the power of science, Phizz makes effervescent tablets that help you feel your best, every day. Phizz products only use ingredients that are backed by science and have proven benefits, so you can have confidence in your daily ritual. Their signature 3-in-1 formula hydrates 3x faster than water alone, replaces 4 key electrolytes lost through sweat, and contains 18 essential nutrients that contribute to brain, nerve & muscle function. Your ideal mix for daily mental & physical performance.

When you feel great, you do great things. Phizz want to empower their consumers to reach new heights, achieve bigger and better things, and to feel happy and healthy in their day to day lives.

Phizz is also committed to being a sustainable brand. Since partnering with CleanHub, for each tube of Phizz sold, 1.5x its weight in plastic waste is collected, recycled and prevented from entering our oceans. By choosing Phizz, your plastic usage is cut down to one recyclable tube, compared with 20 one-time-use drinks containers. ⁠Minimise your impact, maximise your health.

Look out for Phizz products when you sign up to a Crisis event in 2024!