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Thank you to The Resilient Retail Club for supporting Crisis through Work for Good

We'd like to say a huge thank you to The Resilient Retail Club who are supporting Crisis through Work for Good by donating 2% of all sales.

Catherine from The Resilient Retail Club said:

This Christmas I am proud to be supporting Crisis and their amazing work. This recent cold snap has only made it more clear to me that the work that Crisis does for people experiencing homelessness is life-saving in so many ways. Ever since I was a small child visiting London, and later as I worked in the city, I always find it so hard to see people sleeping rough, especially during the bitter cold. I am acutely aware of how incredibly lucky I am to be coming home to a warm house. At times I've felt quite hopeless about being able to help, but for me, contributing to a charity through my business has been a really positive experience, and one that I highly recommend.

Thank you so much to The Resilient Retail Club and all the other amazing businesses who support us!

Your business can have a powerful and positive impact, whatever your size.

You can fundraise through your sales via Work for Good and support Crisis in a way that’s easy and sustainable for your business.

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