The Peter Harrington Foundation donates £5,000 to Crisis UK

We would like to thank The Peter Harrington Foundation for their kind donation of £5,000 Crisis UK. 



Peter Harrington Rare Books have recently set up a charitable foundation, the Peter Harrington Foundation, from which they have generously donated £5,000 to Crisis UK. 

Established in 1969, Peter Harrington is one of the world’s leading dealers in rare books. Having recently set up a charitable foundation, the Peter Harrington Foundation, they have generously chosen to support Crisis with a donation of £5,000. 

Support from the Peter Harrington Foundation will enable us to continue to support our members out of homelessness through our year-round services. Every year, Crisis works with over 8,000 people at our 11 Skylight centres across the UK on their journey out of homelessness. Our Skylight programme offers a range of services including educational courses, health and wellbeing support, employment and housing coaching.

With the support of partners like the Peter Harrington Foundation, we can continue to be relentless in adapting our services to end homelessness for more people, bringing together communities and charities across the country to create a unified movement for change, and holding our leaders to account for the steps they take to end homelessness in Britain for good. 

Thank you to the incredible team at the Peter Harrington Foundation for working with us to end homelessness for good.

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