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Taking the next step towards ending homelessness

The Journeys Home Fund is Crisis first giving club. This exclusive community is supporting a team that, by 2024, aims to help nearly 600 people end homelessness in their lives, for good. 


By making a philanthropic pledge to support us for the next three years, you can follow the story and progress of the team. You will be helping ensure that whenever someone comes to Crisis for help, they will get the right kind support at the right time for them.

Together, we can end the injustice of homelessness “person by person, place by place“ at a speed and scale never seen before.


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How does the Journeys Home Fund help?

The Journeys Home Fund enables supporters to direct their giving to the Structured Coaching team at Skylight London.


This team will provide thousands of hours of wraparound one-to-one support for our members, comfort, and a vital lifeline out of homelessness.


Structured coaches will also facilitate streamlined access to services within and outside of Crisis - making support easier to navigate and targeted to individuals unique needs.


By investing in how we provide our services through the Journeys Home Fund, we are not only further improving what we can do to help people as an organisation, but we are also creating a model for how to provide services that other charities and organisations can learn from and adopt as well.

Everyone has a unique journey out of homelessness; our team will help people find the best, most sustainable path for them.

Dulal Ahmed, Head of Structured Coaching

Why should I join the Journeys Home Fund?

The Journeys Home Fund is an opportunity to direct your giving to a team at the frontline of Crisis work that is transforming lives and creating a blueprint for how we deliver support nationwide.


By joining the Fund, you gain access to regular detailed reporting against clearly defined KPIs and outcome targets. This means you can hear exactly how you are helping to drive positive change for people in our society.


Over 50 years worth of experience in tackling homelessness has meant that Crisis is best placed to offer and implement solutions that are needed to end the injustice of homelessness. But we can't do this alone. Join us, and together we can end homelessness.

How can I get involved?

To find out how you can help nearly 600 people take the next step towards ending their homelessness, for good, please contact Jon Houlihan, Philanthropy Manager.

Email Jon