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Shop to Stop Homelessness

Shop for meaningful gifts that could help someone on their journey out of homelessness. Items you choose bring us closer to a future where everyone has a safe and secure place to call home.

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Travel costs

Cover the travel costs for someone to attend a flat viewing and help them start their new beginning


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Gifts that change lives are real examples of items and services we provide to people experiencing homelessness.

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Choose a gift and support Crisis’ work to end homelessness. Choose from our range of gifts that change lives or shop for gifts that you or a loved one can enjoy. Either way, you’ll be helping someone take their first steps out of homelessness.

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Your support can change lives

Henry's story.

“It felt nice to be in from the cold. I felt I could relax properly and focus on what I wanted to do next. My Crisis coach has been offering me really good support. I can look forward to the future now, thanks to Crisis.”

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