What is the Venture Studio?

We invest in, support, and create ventures to end homelessness. 

The Venture Studio exists to build and scale ambitious and diverse ventures in our mission to end homelessness for good.    
At Crisis, we wrote the roadmap to end homelessness, we understand the major challenges involved and that's why we're always looking for new solutions. 

We’re looking to collaborate with business leaders, experts, funders, researchers and start ups working on innovative housing solutions, new pathways to employment or better provision of housing, healthcare or financial services.   
We’re looking to invest in our first portfolio in early 2021. If this sounds like you or a venture you know, we want to hear from you. Join our weekly meet & greet sessions to find out more or apply now to join the Studio.

Join the Venture Studio

We’re seeking to invest in new housing, financial service, employment or healthcare solutions that will help us accelerate the end of homelessness. In return for your commitment to our mission, we will provide you with the funding, regular access to users for testing and co-creation, 51 years’ worth of data and market insights, connections to partners who can distribute your products in market and investors who can scale your business for the long term.

To make this the easiest decision you take for your business, we’ve answered the questions we expect you have in your head right now. We’re also hosting weekly meet & greet sessions into December so you can check us out properly!

Find out more and apply now

Venture support

We are actively scouting for start-ups to join the Venture Studio from across the globe, to invest in solutions that will accelerate the end of homelessness. Our bespoke programmes of support and access to experts with lived experience will enable each of our portfolio to scale and deliver commercial and social impact.


We invest in start-ups from the day they join the Studio and will support follow-on funding through our own fund and ongoing access to investors and partners.

Tailored support

A bespoke programme of support will remove any barriers to scale, tapping into expertise within tech, growth hacking, user design, leadership and homelessness.

Co-design & collaboration

We work with thousands of people experiencing and ending homelessness every year; providing a natural test bed through which to drive the right solutions to market.

Deep expertise

With over 50 years of homeless experience, we offer access to a wealth of evidence, data, insight and learnings that will accelerate the validation of your solution.

Leaders by example

You’ll have access to mentors and coaches who’ve built businesses that balance money & mission both within Crisis and across the housing, financial services and healthcare sectors.


Our advisors, partners and experts are disruptors and innovators in their own right. From fundraising to exit, ideation to best practice, impact to profit; doors will be opened.

What we're looking for?

We’re a building a portfolio of ventures all united in their commitment to:



Solving homelessness on a global scale, home and beyond


Working inclusively to ensure every voice is represented


Creating preventative solutions that end homelessness in our lifetime


Embedding lived experience into all decisions and product development

Venture Studio events

To discover how you can apply to join our Venture Portfolio, join us at our weekly Meet & Greet sessions, taking place 2-3pm every Tuesday.



Meet & Greet 1 December

01/12/2020, Online, 2pm - 3pm

An opportunity for startups to find out more about the support that the Venture Studio from Crisis offers



Meet & Greet 8 December

08/12/2020, Online, 2pm - 3pm

An opportunity for startups to find out more about the support that the Venture Studio from Crisis offers

Meet the team

Liz Choonara
Head of Entrepreneurship

Felix Litzkow
Venture Studio Manager

Aimée Bryan
Venture Studio Partnerships Manager

Ellie Broad
Community and Events Officer

Lloyd Francis
Changing Lives Grants Coordinator


Whether you're a startup, academic institution or an organisation looking to partner with us, we'd love to hear from you

Contact us

Connect with us

If you want to join us on our mission to end homelessness, connect with the Venture Studio team across social, drop us an email or use our get in touch form to send us a message. 




Our partners

We’re looking for more partners to help us build our venture studio, please get in touch to find out more.