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Brierley's story

"I became a Crisis volunteer because I’d just left school and wanted to do something constructive with my time. I walked into the Camden shop one day and immediately liked the environment – I thrift a lot and felt an instant pull. 

"The volunteer community is very welcoming. I was nervous about meeting so many people at once, but I was immediately put at ease. I’ve learned so much about practical things but also about myself and how to be a grown-up, basically!  

"Homelessness is obviously a very topical social issue; it just feels like it’s everywhere and that’s always weighed heavily on my mind. I like to help in any way I can, even indirectly, by helping to steam clothes or serving customers in the shop.  

"I thought it was just going to feel like a work environment, but I’ve been able to be creative, have made so many friends and good memories, and had many laughs. It’s a lot of fun."

By sharing stories we can change attitudes and build a movement for permanent, positive change. Stand against homelessness and help us end it for good.