World Homeless Day

This World Homeless Day, help us create a society where everyone has a place to call home.

The security of a home is where we all build our hopes and dreams for the future.

Everyone in our society should have a safe and secure home. But right now, many people are denied this basic human need.  This is no way to live. The constant pressure of homelessness can leave many feeling like a burden and has devastating effects on people’s mental health. People tell us it makes them feel lonely, isolated and ashamed.

Homelessness takes many forms; sofa surging, public transport, cars and tents but rough sleeping is incredibly dangerous, and never more so than during the coronavirus pandemic when there is nowhere to self-isolate and wash your hands. But as we approach winter and the temperatures is dropping the risk to life is more acute. 

But it doesn’t need to be this way.

The pandemic has demonstrated the importance of the safety of a having a home. It has also shown us what is possible when we pull together.

However the coronavirus has slowed down our economy and we are now experiencing rising unemployment pushing more of us to the brink homelessness.

At Crisis, we know what it takes to end homelessness.

We help people to find a secure home and to get the tools to stay there. Like skills, confidence, well-being, and the ability to find and keep a job.

We also campaign for the changes needed to end homelessness for good. We know it’s possible - if we build enough housing that people can afford, ensure benefits meet the costs of rent, and provide support at the right time so people aren’t pushed to the brink of homelessness in the first place. 

Please support our work and our collective ambition can end homelessness.