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COVID-19 transition planning toolkit

This page contains a range of practical resources and guidance for local areas transitioning from emergency COVID-19 arrangements

As part of the national and local response to the pandemic, many people experiencing homelessness have been provided with emergency accommodation. It is vital that everyone should be offered long-term, secure housing with access to appropriate support. These responses have demonstrated what can be achieved through political will, local partnership working and flexibility in service provision. It is critical that this progress is not lost. The transition process should start a shift to a more comprehensive housing-led system that improves local resilience to homelessness. 

See our overarching principles and guidance to support local transition planning. This should continue to be a clinical, health-led response to manage ongoing risk during the next phase of the pandemic. The resources below are grouped into four key areas to support this:

  • Build a shared understanding of what everyone needs and wants
  • Develop housing-led solutions and pathways
  • Implement a costed transition plan/ strategy
  • Take proactive steps to prevent homelessness during and after the pandemic 

We are always keen to hear and learn from local areas so please get in touch, especially if you have something we can share and promote. The toolkit is updated regularly and you can access the roadmap for our latest plans. 


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