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Renting ready

Renting Ready is Crisis’ unique tenancy training course designed for people experiencing homelessness, those at risk of homelessness, and those with limited experience of independent living. If your organisation supports clients to move on to independent accommodation, Renting Ready can help you ensure that the transition is successful.

Renting Ready allows learners to develop their understanding of essential independent living skills and learn how to demonstrate their ability to find and keep a future home.

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What does it cover?

The course helps clients understand how to find a rented home and provides comprehensive learning around vital tenancy management skills. It covers housing options, rights and responsibilities, living on a limited budget, looking after a property and managing relationships with landlords and house mates.

The training is delivered to clients in an interactive and accessible way, with each topic having clear learning outcomes. On completion of the course, each learner will receive a copy of the Renting Ready book for future reference. Here is a preview of the book and the topics covered in the course:*

Renting Ready can be tailored to the needs of a variety of different client groups.  Our Housing Trainer is happy to deliver bespoke content to cater the course specifically for your organisation and clients.

"All sections combined were useful for the learners. I think it made them think about things, even down to what to wear when meeting a potential landlord and not going smelling of cigarettes.

Plus, I think it really emphasised about taking care to pay rent on time and the other responsibilities they have to fulfil as tenants so they don't risk losing their tenancy." 

Support worker, Porchlight

*This material is for illustrative purposes, please do not use in your own settings.

Is Renting Ready right for my organisation?

We work with organisations including housing associations, local authorities, Help to Rent projects, supported housing projects, charities, prisons, Community Rehabilitation Companies and Probation services.

Our dedicated Housing Trainer can travel to your organisation to train your clients directly, or, train your staff to deliver the course themselves.

There is also the option for your clients to work towards the Ascentis Level 1 qualification in Tenancy Skills. (England only)

An example of our work in action

Crisis partnered with Quaker Social Action (QSA) to train their staff to deliver Renting Ready at their supportive shared housing project. Move On Up will provide young carers, potentially leaving home for the first time, with good quality and affordable shared accommodation in East London.

Jon Scarth, Move On Up Project Manager, says:

“Move On Up is a new shared housing service in London for carers aged 18 to 25. We need to be able to deliver comprehensive renting training, preparing tenants as they move in and ensuring they are ready when the time comes to move into a new property in the future. I knew the Renting Ready package was a good fit for us. I met with the Crisis team and we thought the best way to marry Renting Ready with our other support was for me to be trained in the delivery of Renting Ready. I was pleased that the guys at Crisis were so willing to work in partnership and find the solution which worked for everyone.  After two days of enjoyable and fulfilling training with Pilar, the Housing Trainer, I developed a great understanding of the materials and intended learning points. Pilar generously shared resources with us and made it very clear that we can get in touch for further guidance, should we need. We are very grateful for Crisis’s support.”

How does Renting Ready help?

People on low income and with previous experience of homelessness face significant barriers when trying to access accommodation. Renting Ready helps by teaching learners how to approach landlords and use their tenancy management skills effectively. They will learn about the realities of renting and what to expect when searching for and moving into a new home.

Renting Ready also protects learners from future instances of homelessness by teaching them what to look out for in a property, their rights and responsibilities, and where they can get advice and support.

Learners will also find out how to get the most out of their future move, including getting involved in a new area, how to get along with neighbours, what to look for in a house mate, and how to overcome issues that may arise in a shared house.

“It helped the clients think more objectively and realistically.”
Move On Worker, Porchlight

Whether you broker relationships with landlords, or your organisation is a landlord, you can be confident in the knowledge that tenants who attend Renting Ready understand how to look after a property and what their rights and responsibilities are.

“RLA landlords support Renting Ready as a sure way to avoid future misunderstandings.” Residential Landlords Association

What learners say

It made me realise that I could afford private rental accommodation.” Learner, Porchlight

"Very informative and helpful. Reinforced what I assumed and now I know what is right and what is wrong." Learner, HMP Bullingdon

"Their legislation knowledge was a great help to me as I have been told how to go about the dispute I’m in with my landlord’s agents over my eviction and deposit loss." Learner, HMP Bullingdon

Find out more and book

We are able to deliver the course directly to your clients, as the accredited version where learners work towards a qualification, or in its non-accredited form. We can also train your staff to deliver future Renting Ready courses independently. We will always try to be flexible and meet the needs of your client group and organisation.

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