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Plans and goals

Our plans for 2013-2018 were ambitious. We planned to increase the scope of our services, education, employment, housing and well-being and increase our reach by opening new Crisis Skylight centres in cities across the UK. Our strategy is designed to move people on, out of the instability and vulnerability of homelessness, to a stable and rewarding life. We will define, show and promote best practice in reaching stability and in sustaining recovery.

Our priorities for 2013-2018

  • Delivering high quality services that enable housing stability, financial security, improved wellbeing and the development of positive relationships
  • Develop and deliver a range of housing solutions
  • Be the leading source of knowledge on causes, effects and solutions for single homelessness
  • Influence opinion and public policy and raise awareness so that homelessness matters to more people
  • Raise funding to support existing activities and growth plans.
  • Develop our people, systems and operating methods to ensure that they effectively support Crisis' activities, growth and development¬†


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