Enterprise Training at Crisis

About the team

Welcome! The Enterprise department at Crisis is made up of many teams. Together we operate 9 shops in London (4 of which include Coffee Bars), a training Cafe next door to our London Skylight centre, and a furniture restoration workshop, based in Merseyside. We also have a newly launched Venture Studio for entrepreneurial start-ups - and will soon include an innovation team too!

Opportunities to get involved with the Enterprise team

The Enterprise face-to-face training programmes are currently paused. We are working to find ways to deliver a authentic and enjoyable experience safely, while also adhering to the current restrictions around social distancing.

We are using this time as an opportunity to review our Enterprise training offer, and how we can adapt to best work and support members going forwards.

We would love to hear your thoughts on what you need for face-to-face now and in the future. If you have some time and would like to help guide future training developments in Crisis' Enterprises, we would love to hear from you via our quick survey for members (this should take no longer than 10 minutes).


Wellbeing Wednesdays: Skills to make you feel good

When: 5 week session on Wednesdays

Where: Find out more and sign up

Health and Safety skills quiz (hosted on Kahoot)

When: Anytime

Where: Sign up to Kahoot and take the quiz

Customer service skills quiz (hosted on Kahoot)

When: Anytime

Where: Sign up to Kahoot and take the quiz

Susan's story

Six months of training and who knew? Not me! I never expected such in depth training, I thought it would only involve stuffing clothes onto hangers and tidying up bit. It is so much more and I know this level training is not available in your average retail business. I love interacting with people from all backgrounds and learning from their life experiences, I see a lot of myself and what I have been through in others thanks to my time on the retail training programme, my time in the Crisis shop. Now that the programme has ended, I have become an ambassador and will continue to volunteer in the shop until I gain employment. Crisis is part of my make up now, it has helped immensely with my life, part 2. Susan, shop trainee


An exhibition of photos submitted for award-winning photographer Tom Oldham's challenge “to shoot one, or all, of the five stages of wellbeing.”

Tom Oldham, Sony photographer of the Year, sets a challenge to accompany the Wellbeing Wednesdays series.

For our first monthly blog, we are excited to introduce Wellbeing Wednesdays.

Susan took part in Crisis' cafe training programme. Read about her experience.

Our friends at The Felix Project (previously known as FareShare) are starting their next Employability Course on 25th January. They are part of the UK's largest network fighting hunger and food waste.

We know that it’s winter and the weather is not particularly inviting! But we’d like to open up a #WellbeingChallenge to Crisis members.

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