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Crisis x Financial Times campaign: A thank you to our partners



Michelle’s Story 

“This time last year, I couldn’t afford my rent anymore. Without any support around me, I had to sleep rough for six months – sometimes on buses, sometimes on the streets. I thought, ‘Am I going to be out here on Christmas Day?’ I was so worried about that.   

When I was referred to Crisis at Christmas, everything changed. That first day with them was my last day on the streets.  

They were so welcoming. There was no judgement. They put me up in a hotel – it was so nice to just sit and be safe. It’s like a weight had been lifted.   

I spent Christmas Day with other Crisis guests. We had Christmas food, including my favourite – mince pies and custard. There was karaoke, bingo – I even got my nails done. I felt like a human again.  

My lead worker, Kate, was always in my corner. I could talk to her about anything and everything. And she did all she could to help me find a permanent home. It was tough but I’m proud that I’ve got through it. In March, I moved into my new home. And I can’t wait to spend Christmas there this year.” 

 Let this Christmas be the start of life beyond homelessness: A thank you to our Financial Times sponsors. 

When someone like Michelle walks through our doors at Christmas, it can be the day everything changes. The day someone gets out of the cold and feels the weight of pressure lift of their shoulders. The day someone gets help with finding a safe place to stay, employment and training. The day when they can enjoy the festivities with new friends. It can be the day someone starts to end their homelessness. 

This year we have partnered with the Financial Times to raise funds for our vital work around Crisis at Christmas and beyond to make this possible. This Christmas, thousands of people across the UK will need our support after being pushed into homelessness, and with the help of our partners sponsoring print space within the Financial Times, the first day at Crisis can be the start of someone’s life beyond homelessness. 

A big Crisis thank you to our Financial Times sponsors, without whom this wouldn’t be possible:


To find out more on how your organisation can partner with Crisis, and how you can sponsor future FT campaigns please get in touch at