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Finlay's Story


Finlay is a volunteer with Crisis Skylight Newcastle. “My role is to support the members in the
activities in the allotments, which ranges from watering to planting different plants, and looking after the allotment and allowing it to progress.”

“I first heard about the opportunity to get involved with Crisis through my university, and it's been
brilliant, I've loved every second of it.”

“My favourite part of volunteering with Crisis is it allows me to connect with nature. I grew up in the Yorkshire Dales, so I'm connecting back with my roots. I think as well as it being a really beneficial activity for the members of Crisis, it’s beneficial for me as well. It helps clear the head and helps the mental state.”

“I’ve received a lot of support from Crisis. As well as coming to the allotment every week, they set
up a volunteer’s week which allowed me to explore the Skylight Centre in Newcastle and see the
different departments in more detail, and it was really fascinating to learn more about the
organisation. Events like that, and Crisis shining the light on the volunteers, knowing that they
value us – I'm really respectful of that sort of support.”

Finlay explained what he’s learned from his experience. “I'd say never judge a book by its cover.
It's really inspiring to hear the members’ stories and see how with an environment like the
allotment, people can come together. Everyone's on the same page, everyone cares for the same
things, and in the allotment, we're working towards the same cause.”

“Homelessness in Newcastle is a devastating issue, but practices like these make you realise how
to help people experiencing homelessness get back up to speed. The allotment is one activity
which helps them realise the value nature has in recovering their mental state. I see it as a
symbiotic relationship; it bounces back onto the mental self and helps them grow and build
themselves as well.”

By sharing stories we can change attitudes and build a movement for permanent, positive change. Stand against homelessness and help us end it for good.