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Fiona's story

"I became a Crisis volunteer back in December 2023 when I saw an ad for Crisis at Christmas and signed up for a shift at one of the day centres. I was overwhelmed by the warmth – not only from the volunteers but also the guests. I immediately booked more shifts and volunteered at three different locations because I couldn’t get enough. With my family back at home and me being alone here, it brought the community that I also needed. 

"It was such a wonderful experience that I looked at what other volunteer opportunities there were throughout the year to support Crisis and found the Peckham shop. Since January, I’ve been volunteering almost every weekend.  

"Volunteering in the shop is such a lovely way for the community to get together for one goal: to help Crisis. We believe in the mission of ending homelessness. It’s honestly one of the best ways to spend a Saturday afternoon, and the warmth of the team and the customers keeps me coming every weekend. Plus, it’s always a laugh – you’re doing something good with mates, really."

By sharing stories we can change attitudes and build a movement for permanent, positive change. Stand against homelessness and help us end it for good.