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Imelda's Story

I’m Imelda, a Retail Volunteer at the Crisis Shop in Kilburn.

I found out about the volunteer opportunity in Kilburn from staff at Crisis Skylight Brent. I have been receiving support in Brent Skylight and I really want to give back to Crisis as they have worked with me and helped me move away from homelessness. I have been wanting to spend time helping others and helping the organisation, so Brent staff recommended I apply to volunteer at the Kilburn Shop.

The thing I enjoy the most about volunteering with Crisis is using my retail skills. Before, I worked as a customer advisor in Uniqlo at Oxford Circus, so now I can use what I learned in my previous work in my volunteering role at the shop in Kilburn. I have also learned new skills, like how to steam clothes and put out merchandise, and how to use the till at the Crisis Shop. I have been surprised to learn about some of the challenges in managing the shop, like making sure the merchandise is safe and dealing with the needs of the immediate community.

The staff in the shop have been really supportive and provided training so I can learn how to support with these challenges. I have loved my time volunteering so far! I would definitely recommend volunteering with Crisis to other people because I know volunteering is a big help for the community and the organisation.

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