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Statement on the restructure at Crisis

Matt Downie, Chief Executive of Crisis, said: “On 4 July 2023, we announced that we had made the difficult decision to carry out an organisation wide restructure that would involve redundancies and a reduction to our services in some areas, and that we were entering into a consultation with all staff on the proposed changes.

“This decision was made against the backdrop of increasingly challenging economic conditions. Like many in the charity sector our costs are up, and our income is down, at a time when demand for our services is higher than it has ever been. The majority of our work at Crisis is funded by generous donations from the public and we receive very little government money. With so many households feeling the pressure of rising living costs and high inflation, fewer people are able to support us and those who still can are donating less on average.   

“Crisis exists to end homelessness and this is a position we hoped never to find ourselves in. However, as our fundraising income has declined, we are implementing changes to ensure Crisis remains financially sustainable in the long-term.   

Confirmation of redundancies and changes to services  

“Following a 59 day consultation, we regretfully announce that we will be closing two of our Skylight Centres, in South Yorkshire and in Coventry & Warwickshire. We are also confirming that there will be a reduction in staff across the organisation.  

“Throughout this entire process we have prioritised protecting our frontline services. The two Skylight Centres that will be closed are our smallest in terms of the number of members – people experiencing homelessness – that they support. We are working with our sector partners in the affected areas and we will do our very best to ensure our existing members are supported out of homelessness, or have alternative support, prior to the services closing.   

“The past few months have been enormously difficult for everyone at Crisis, but especially those whose jobs are affected. The professionalism, hard work and commitment shown by those individuals and teams has been remarkable and I am profoundly grateful to them.  

“Our services, staff and volunteers offer humanity and kindness, along with the expertise and resolve needed to help someone plan their first steps out of homelessness and into whatever future they want for themselves. The support Crisis staff provide, and have provided for years, has transformed lives. In our communities, and in the lives of those they worked with, that impact will be long-lasting. I would like to thank them, for everything they have done for this organisation, and everything they have contributed in our mission to end homelessness.”