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Talking about homelessness: Introduction to framing

To end homelessness for good, a powerful new big idea must replace old notions of poor choices and inevitability. Working together, we can tell a new story about homelessness in the United Kingdom. One that builds public understanding and support for change. One that drives political will for action.

Based on research with more than 10,000 people in the UK, this video series from The FrameWorks Institute explains what framing homelessness is, why it matters, and how you can put framing tools and techniques into practice yourself. Recorded during lockdown, The FrameWorks Institute has converted its intensive framing workshop into short videos for you to work through at your own pace when it suits you. Watch for a practical introduction to framing your communications about homelessness. 

If we work together across the homelessness sector, repeating and expanding a new story in our communications, we stand a much better chance of changing hearts and minds. Here’s how...

Before you begin, download the Framing Homelessness Digital Programme workbook and take a look at our Framing Toolkit.

Introduction: Homelessness – our shared understanding 

Explore the shared sector understanding of homelessness and the background to our framing research in the UK.

Introduction video transcript.

Video 1: Introduction to framing homelessness and why we frame

Explore what framing is, what problems it can solve, and why we need to frame homelessness.

Introduction to framing homelessness and why we frame video transcript.

Video 2: Framing with values

Values frames are one of our most important tools. Explore what values frames are and how you can use them.

Framing with values video transcript.

Video 3: Framing with metaphor

Explore how metaphors help people to understand things differently and the metaphors that shift thinking on homelessness.

Framing with metaphor video transcript.

Video 4: Framing with context

Explore why we need to frame with context and what it means for our stories in practice.

Framing with context video transcript.

Video 5: Putting it into action 

A recap of the previous four videos in the series and find out how to put framing into action in your organisation.

Putting it into action video transcript.

Additional useful resources

Take a look at our Framing Toolkit, our ‘Our common experience: the big idea that can help end homelessness’ report and our guide to ‘Framing homelessness during coronavirus’.