Bromley: Deposit Guarantee Bond Scheme

Project summary

The Housing Options team can provide prevention advice and assistance on your housing related query or homelessness issue.  For private landlords there is a "Deposit Guarantee Bond" and "Rent Deposit Scheme" available as an incentive to let property to Bromley Council.


Who is eligible?
  • Homeless or threatened with homelessness
  • Resident of the UK


Client services

Check with the Housing Options Team to see what services are available to you.

How are referrals made

Mostly from Bromley Housing Teams, but referrals also accepted from Social Services Departments, the Citizens Advice Bureaux and Bromley Community Drug Project. You do need to complete an assessment form first before getting an appointment.


Landlord services

Bond guarantee scheme and rent deposit scheme 

Location of landlord's properties

London Borough of Bromley.

Other information

Organisation: LB Bromley

Type of organisation: Local Authority

Last updated: 29/07/2020 16:49

Local Authority: All London, Bromley

If you have any additional questions leave your details and we will get back to you