8th March marks International Women’s Day and to celebrate the date we re-launched Power Up! women’s group for Crisis members.

This group has run monthly for over two years as a safe space for members to build confidence and social connections. This wouldn’t have been possible without our two fantastic volunteers, Molly and George, who’ve committed to continue to facilitate monthly sessions through lockdown restrictions and beyond.



We have had such a wonderful wellbeing day for our female members.
We enjoyed chatting to one another, decorating pots, taking part in a self-compassion workshop, doing some colouring and eating some lovely food!



Thanks to members sharing their lived experiences at last week’s event, we’ve learnt more about the barriers women can face in homelessness services and how a group can support. This powerful feedback will now inform planning future Power Up! sessions as well as influence wider Skylight changes.

If you are a member of Crisis and identify with a women’s group, please contact eve.linnington@crisis.org.uk for details of the next Power Up!

This group is an inclusive space for all women (trans, intersex and cis)
and all non binary and agender and gender variant people.

Self-definition is at the sole discretion of the individual.