Now that the Conservatives, Labour and the Liberal Democrats have all published their manifestos, we’re calling on individual candidates to commit to end rough sleeping if they are elected to parliament.

With so little time before the election, take action now to encourage candidates where you live to make homelessness a top priority.

#EndRoughSleeping is calling for every political party to end rough sleeping in England.

Homelessness is not inevitable. This General Election, every party must pledge to end rough sleeping in our country.

More than 4,000 people slept rough on any one night, in England last year. Rough sleeping on this scale is a national scandal. But we know change is possible.

Lessons from the UK and around the world show that with political commitment and leadership, we can end rough sleeping for good.

That’s why we’ve teamed up with Centrepoint, Homeless Link, Shelter and St Mungo’s to call politicians to make a commitment to end rough sleeping.

Ask candidates to end rough sleeping