No one should face homelessness, and winter can be the hardest time.

Face the freeze to help end homelessness.

Whether you decide on an icy plunge, dare a brisk width, swim a whole length or face the freeze in fancy dress, your support will help ensure that no one will have to face Christmas alone this year.

But why stop there?

Go the extra mile – get friends and family to sponsor your icy challenge. The more you raise, the more we can help people leave homelessness behind through our life-changing services this winter and all year round.

  •  £10 provides a warm welcome and helps someone take the first steps out of homelessness
  •  £25 could provide some with the specialist advice they need to secure an income OR could provide someone with a basic phone so they can make appointments and speak with their support worker
  •  £50 could help someone regain a sense of worth through healthcare and counselling
  •  £100 could provide support, training and equipment to help someone find their way back into employment
  •  £250 could provide one-to-one support to help someone find a safe place to call home

Stay connected

Use the hashtag #CrisisIcebreaker to keep up to date with all event info and who else is jumping in with Crisis this winter.


Please also make sure you have read our cold water swim tips and safety guidance before registering.

Read the cold water swim tips